Hello there, I am Yulia von Eisenstein.

Was born in Russia and now I’m living in Adelaide, Australia.

I enjoy morning light, coffee, beauty, vintage and... Photography!

I am an Art Photographer. Why Art? Because it’s the best way to use your imagination. If you can dream it, I can capture it.

My photography is focused on light and shadows, colour and beauty, realism and what is beyond your imagination. I care about the goal of my clients. I spend many hours after choosing the best images to perfect them through in depth post processing.

I am going to get you beautiful, exclusive and absolutely unique photos of moments you want to capture for sure. Why am I so sure? It’s as simple as this: I love what I do.

I work with a professional stylist and makeup artist Natasha Martin . Together we can do fantastic and timeless photos for you and provide any hair style and make up. We have unlimited ability to transform your dream into reality. Even if you wish to be Cleopatra or Sherlock Holmes.

Contact me now and order your dream photo session.


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