Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beautiful Katrina

A couple of months ago our creative team were photoshooting an atmospheric maternity photosession. The model was Katrina Webb, an Australian Paralympic athlete who has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in athletics at three Paralympic Games.

Not only is she a very nice person but a stunning model and a lovely mum as well.  It’s just amazing how some people can be beautiful in everything: they look beautiful, think beautiful, treat other people beautifully. 

That was a very enjoyable photo shoot. Setting everything up took us a really long time but it was a funny mess: all the team including make-up artist, movie maker, photographer assistant were fiddling around and made some special creative atmosphere. 

                Katrina’s dog, Salvador, couldn’t resist it and joined our artistic mess.

                              Here is Katrina’s art portraiture. Isn’t she is beautiful?

                        Video created by Natasha Akimenko, a talented film maker.

Our creative team:

Photographer: Yulia von Eisenstein
Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist: Natasha Martin
Film maker: Natasha Akimenko
Assistant (and model as well): Sonia