Thursday, 22 January 2015

People of Adelaide

I would like to announce my big personal project I called ‘People of Adelaide’.

What it’s about: I believe that everyone is interesting and special. Everyone has a unique story to tell. No one is the same because we are a combination of experiences, personality, and outlook that no one else has.
My project is a collection of people with their own personality, signature style, beliefs, creativity, aspiration, ethnicity, culture and goals. Different people, different stories.

                                   Story 1   NATALYA, THE CREATIVE SOUL

Natalya is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. It seems there’s nothing impossible to her where hand work needed. She can sew clothing, paint murals and mail boxes, draw pictures, craft all possible and impossible things, bake and cook fantastic food, etc, etc This person just amazes me with her skills.
But the most wonderful thing about Natalya is that she recently wrote, illustrated and published her first book here in Adelaide. It’s supposed to be a series about The Backpacking Snail – joyful aussie snail that travels to Paris. The first book is the beginning of the story. As The Backpacking Snail started its journey, so Natalya started hers. All the best Natalya. Bon voyage!