Thursday, 19 March 2015

People of Adelaide – Natasha, The Genuine Artist

Story 6

Natasha is a dedicated artistic soul. She is an Actress, she is a Dancer, she is an Artist. Really good Makeup Artist. Like a virtuoso creating the whole world in his paintings, Natasha creates beauty on ladies’ faces, transforming them into divas.
She lives a “double life”: one belongs to the family where Natasha is a Mum, a Friend, a Driver, a Teacher, a Cook, a Psychologist. And her other life belongs to the Theatre. This is her passion, her game and her destiny. Being a natural born Actress, she can easily turn from a drama queen into a grotesque ingénue.
After getting enough proficiency in playing roles and being the Makeup Artist for the Theatre, Natasha is trying to be a stage director. I believe in her genuine talent and I’m looking forward to watching her work. All the best, Natasha.


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