Thursday, 14 May 2015

People of Adelaide – Stanislav, The Transformation Guru

Story 9

Do you want to meet someone brilliant, epic and wild card? Someone who never keeps you bored or turned off. Someone who bursts into million sparkling roles and transforms your life into an everlasting holiday. Here he is. Stanislav, Stanislove, Stas - a combination of inviting personalities.

Stanislav has three equal passions in his life: Theatre, Travelling, Transformation.

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players” is Stanislav’s motto. Theatre is his life and his life is a Theatre. As an actor he is so convincing in a role that he can hold an audience captive and make them feel as if there is nothing but the story at hand. He can easily transform from a comical kids’ character to a seductive mysterious stranger.

He travelled a lot and lived in retreat centres, he learned simple and effective meditations and mindfulness techniques to calm a mind, relax a body and cultivate well-being. He is the quintessential vegetarian, spiritual seeker, massage master and savvy yoga enthusiast. He surfed through life transformation waves and knows how to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled. Do you want to know it too? Ask him. He is committed to The Science of Spectacular Living.


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