Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mini Regent Cinema

Adelaide Film Festival went for 10 days in our city.  I was doing photography for that and I had to abandon my blog for a while. However I have returned with a bunch of interesting photos of people, places and moments taken during the Festival.

Today I would like to show you something absolutely amazing! It’s Adelaide’s miracle – the Mini Regent Cinema. I had a chance to watch old b&w movie with Cary Grant in there. I think I was lucky enough because this Cinema is not open for public. So, what is it?

It’s a 24 seat cinema housed in a suburban back shed recreating the Regent Cinemas from the 20’s in miniature. That glamorous Adelaide Regent Cinema located on Rundle Street that was opened on 1928 and demolished in the sixties to make way for a shopping centre. Current owner of the Mini Regent Cinema, a big film lover, collected discarded items and materials and worked on his dream to recreate beautiful Regent Cinema. And the Mini Regent was born...

That the history of this little treasure. Honestly, I can’t describe my feeling about being there properly. Can’t find the right words. Just have a look at the photos. Can you feel like you are in 1930’s?

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