Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Old Tailem Town, Meeting The Place

Hi guys,

Here is the first part of Old Tailem town photos.  As there is pile of them, I’ll  split them by themes.

Today I would like to show you what was my first impression when I came to there. Honestly, at first I thought that it was just abandoned, kind of a ghost town. I was wrong. What I heard from the owner of this place, Peter Squires, just took my breath away.  He created this place from scratch. 

There are more than a 100 buildings in this town. Some of them were transported in one piece from all over Australia but others were delivered there as planks and rebuilt. Most of the buildings are very old and they have the same appearance as they did more than a century ago. All of the buildings are furnished and decorated with authentic original objects like hardware and home ware. Some of them are functional.

Can you imagine what a huge job has been done?! 
Well, I can admire this for ages, so I am just shutting down; better show you this beautiful world. Enjoy it as much as I did.

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